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Assistance for coach mishap events close to Tromsø

The vehicle rental bureau Tromsø charter buses can arrange first help for bus owners which encounter any issue during driving all around Tromsø or Troms. Should you ever go through a coach fault, a motor vehicle predicament or a lack of journey time of your agreed driver, we can lend you substitute coaches or a supplemental motorcoach driver toot-sweetly. Dodge the trouble of forlornly scouring for close coach rental companies and check that you don't let your travellers become angry superfluously. Because of our professional procuration, they will be able to climb onto their fresh bus quickly and carry on with their passenger tour without preoccupations.

Find immediate backup if unexpectedly your current bus has a mishap

We can imagine almost no things that can be as inopportune as a vehicle plight during a tour. Whether it may be a technological difficulty, an engine disturbance of the coach, the air cooler flawed, an explosion of the tyres or the bus driver depleting the possible steering time - the enumeration of conceivably unfolding bus disruption situations is extended. Tromsø charter buses deals with relief for such and similar situations in Norway and in the contiguous areas. If you ever undergo a coach deficit, our trained team can supply you with lettable jack-in-the-box buses from Tromsø and from entire Troms. The best technique to call for aid is uncomplicated: as early as you see that you may get in difficulty, we suggest you to just drop us a line using . Indicate us the transportation service you need, the number of travellers, the suitcase quantity, the needed meeting address as well as the dropoff point. Our SOS staff will tell you at what time at the earliest we can have a jack-in-the-box vehicle reach your mishap position as well as what the fee of the SOS ride will be. Then, you need to decide whether you go for the substitution vehicle which we have offered.

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Essential information you should please have ready in case of a coach malfunction around Tromsø

The more data you give us, the more rapidly our professional operators are able to help your fellow passengers. Our charming emergency operator pool is usually accustomed to working efficiently in stressful situations. It would indeed be a lot easier for them to be useful to you if you facilitate the lives of our agents by supplying us all the relevant details for your bus fault. The succeeding details are helpful :

Location of plight: When you inform us of the address of your crisis, the most accurate parameters are highly saluted. Troms is a somewhat copious area, and there are many available spaces to meet a group of people from. If you may, please let us know of at the very least the name of street and number of house. The DD or DMS coordinates would be extremely helpful, to find a quick solution.

Coach journey route to be done: Our quick aid services are as manifold as the available motives for the coach breakdown . You can ask for a substitution for just a quick coach transfer, a commented city tour within the limits of Tromsø, a group tour to another city in Troms or even for a multiple day on-call. Check that you pinpoint the possibilty you prefer when asking for the quick aid.

Data regarding the travellers group to be moved: Important parameters that you need to give us: passenger number and luggage quantity to be moved, provenance of the guests, extraordinary requirements ( e.g. baby seats, luggage boxes etc. ). The more coherent your data are, the more usefully we can act and resolve your emergency by deploying a suitable replacement coach.